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  • Want a graphic summary of Book II for easy reference?

  • Chapter one of Glossolalia with images of the characters?

  • A slideshow about the Bennu Egyptian flamingo cult referenced in the books?

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  • Mystical sensuality secrets?


Stay connected with the books in the Agents of the Nevermind Psychological Suspense series. Turn social engineering on its head.


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Craving The Agents?

Cults and Coups, Murders and Mayhem
Thrills for Thinkers

When the deacons speak in tongues (glossolalia) sometimes they say a few words in Enochian, the Elizabethan spy language -- a little girl understands what it's telling her. Her aunt lures the quarterback into danger at the Super Bowl -- because the country he's from must be discredited to keep the balance of power.

In the first novel, Glossolalia, Nancy sees a crime of poison at her uncle's pesticide company where she works - the only place she can work, considering her amnesia fugues. She chases the truck carrying away the poison legally deemed too toxic either to use or to dump. Her pursuit leads her to a convoluted upside down inside out world in which ordinary logic is not enough to solve the puzzle.


But she has to piece it together anyway -- because her subconscious is responsible for the fate of nations.

Get Ready:

Remember to Recycle: Psychological Suspense

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                                      WHAT COMES NEXT

Everyone is tense, wondering if WWII will start any day over a proxy war. People are digging deep to donate to the Rescuers, a neutral, unarmed humanitarian aid group over in the Balkanized country. Or so says The Nevermind. They talk about them on TV every day. They even made a Hollywood movie about them.
A man living under a bridge, surrounded by costumes, uses information he memorizes from going through recycling bins to change the world.

In the second novel, Remember to Recycle, Becky is mystified by a stain on the ironing board, missing cat food, moisture on her toothbrush. Is her lover, Stan, stalking her? What about that muffled sound she heard when talking to him on the phone? Their love life is unique: he places her body in precise contortions for their bedroom videos. He's rented a wedding dress for her for Halloween.
When Becky hires her closest friend, who has escaped the Nevermind Agency and traveled across country because of a mysterious message, to spy on Stan, darkness is stripped bare and masks everywhere are torn away.

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The series is chronological books that can be read stand-alone, though they're designed to be read in order. The Nevermind is the PR branch of intelligence, using theatrical media fakery, false flags, mind control, blackmail, bribery, and murder.

The early books are complete realism, with mature topics like human trafficking during proxy wars, yet the occult practices and mind control create some surreal, dreamy scenes.

Prepare yourself for fast-paced, high octane action, and sudden mind-twists.

Want to explore ancient magickal spy codes, arcane meteoric alchemical secrets, esoteric speculations, and secret society practices?

As the series goes on, it grows slightly speculative, with explorations of consciousness potentials, and DARPA's officially proposed advanced technology. What if someone's aura were superimposed on someone elses'? What if Team Improbable forgot who they were as they took on alternate roles when dashing off to virtual dimensions to test new military technology? What if centuries of people focusing on a conceptual structure coagulated an entity out of the auric substance of the universe?

The last book is the prequel that shows how the world veered off in the 1980's in this Alternate History series, detailing the rise of the Nevermind, the Human Growth Hormone giants, and that dubious spy-religion, Theosophy.


Ever wish your memory were better for novels? Wish you had visuals for the characters? A quick meme summary of what happened in previous chapters?

Because sometimes our attention wanders, sometimes we take breaks, sometimes we want to remember all that happened in a book to write a review, or look back over the clues we missed at the time.

This free Secret Agent Cheat Sheet can be printed in a few pages - and cut out to stick in between chapters if you wish, or read online to accompany the novel.

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Thrills for thinkers.
Psychological Suspense Series The Agents of the Nevermind by Tantra Bensko
Book Three


A brilliant hypnotist named Dune works with the Bennu performance troupe (named after the Egyptian flamingo deity that's the equivalent of the Greek phoenix, associated with the renewal from the ashes that comes from initiation into occult secret societies of the sort that are connected to intelligence agencies.)

Dune is married to the star of the troupe, Susan. Because of the hypnotic training he puts the performers and their standbys through, the troupe has become the most famous in England. The standbys actually believe they're the actors they're pretending to be, until the curtain goes down, and they snap back into remembering who they are. To be convincing as the core actors on a subconscious level, they also breathe in their actor's extra auric energy.

Susan's standby is Miriam. Though Miriam's lover, Colin, doesn't know it, Miriam and Dune have intense chemistry.

Susan is dying of cancer, so she's hoping to manage performing at her last show, the last of the season. However, if Susan's able to do so, Miriam might not get the chance to prove she's got what it takes to take over for her as the lead in the next season.

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Gold medal from Literary Titan, Bronze medal from eLit Awards for Mystery/Suspense/Thrillers

Small Heading

One of the 12 best Thrillers of the year!

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