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"Glossolalia is a 60-foot tall blender, set on high, with equal amounts Tom Robbins, Philip K. Dick, and Carlton Mellick III. In the shadow of the giant pink flamingo god, Bennu, the truth will be revealed. Buckle up."


Richard Thomas, author of Disintegration, Breaker and five other acclaimed books. Editor-in-Chief at Dark House Press

"Mystery and conspiracy lovers rejoice! Standout author Tantra Bensko is back with another incredible mystery/adventure featuring the nefarious forces of the Nevermind."

Publishers Daily Reviews Feb 2017


Ever forget what you've read? Wish there was a character index with pictures and brief description? A summary of what has gone before? Want to jump back into a book after a break, or review it quickly for clues you missed? Concentration not what it was?

Get the beautiful cheat sheet for the book when the newsletter is delivered to your inbox. Print it out onto a few pages, perhaps fitting each bit into the chapters of the print book. Or, refer to it online.


Note: Remember to Recyle is a full-length novel.

About the Psychological Suspense Book


What if the homeless men sifting through your recycling bins know more about your life than you do?

Like who is going to die.

Why did the person closest to Becky travel across the states, while wearing a mask meant for burn victims, following an anonymous message saying to befriend her? When Becky hires her to investigate the bewildering oddities in her apartment, and her boyfriend's fidelity, mysteries unfold revealing the true nature of our society.

Come on an adventure with a local recycler with a brilliant plan for information he gleans from neighborhood trash, a lover who puts Becky, into encoded positions for videos leading up to a marriage proposal, and an escapee from the intelligence's agency's PR branch, the Nevermind.

An ice cream truck cruises the neighborhood at night, never stopping for children. People enter the house across the street from Becky's apartment, but she's never seen them come out. Everyone is in costume. And it's not even Halloween yet -- until it is. And all hell breaks loose.

The U.S. is on the verge of  WWIII. It's always the same with covert proxy wars for profit. Propaganda and media theater have to be rolled out to convince the public to go along with it, based on falsehoods that make a forced regime change overseas seem like a good idea. The Rescuers are the nation's heroes, and the movie about them is the most popular of all time. They're supposedly providing humanitarian aid, pulling children from the rubble in what is portrayed as a civil war. The Agents of the Nevermind take care of public perception. How far will they go this time?



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