Tantra has contributed recently to an International #1 Bestselling book, and has won a variety of awards including the Readers Favorite Award Gold Medal for Glossolalia, the first book in the series.

Tantra is available for podcasts, interviews, guest blog posts:
Some example topics include: how to write Psychological Suspense, teaching or studying fiction online, trafficking, indie publishing, mind control programs, social engineering, switching genres, interstitial fiction, overcoming gullibility to propaganda, getting short fiction published in magazines and anthologies, the White Helmet hoax, snake handling church, Enochian language, the individual books and series. Contact.

The article in Paranoia Magazine Winter 2012/2013 provides background for the series, regarding using the occult as a cover for espionage, and a tool of mass manipulation rationalizing imperialism, ranging from the Oracles of Delphi, through John Dee, Madam Blavatsky, Aleister Crowley, and Mockingbird Media.

Tantra's no stranger to the writing world, having gotten degrees from FSU and the Iowa Writers Workshop, maintained long a career teaching, had her work presented by hundreds of of publishers -- and published other authors' material. She instructs fiction writers online at UCLA Extension Writing Program, Writers.com, and her own academy, editing manuscripts as well.

Becky's passion reflects Tantra's interests. She is a visual artist: she co-ran an art gallery, was an international art and photography judge, art director for Mad Hatters Review, the artist on staff with MKZINE, had solo shows internationally, featured regularly in magazines, won awards and was an international art judge. Like Becky, she worked in a frame shop/art gallery, in the Tenderloin district of San Franciso.

She lives in Berkeley, where she loves to dance to live music and whistle badly at puzzled house finches.

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