Ideally, you will read all the books in The Agents of the Nevermind Psychological Suspense/Conspiracy Thriller series chronologically. But they're meant to be enjoyable if read stand-alone or out of order. The theme is heroism in the face of social engineering.

Book I, Glossolalia, introduces Nancy, who works at her uncle Geoff's pest control company, D-CIDE, where she sees a crime of poison. The secretary there attends a church that practices glossolalia (speaking in tongues). A little girl who attends the church understands the Elizabethan occult spy code, Enochian, mixed in with some of the gibberish words. Her aunt, an associate of D-CIDE's secretary, is a professional seductress with an eye for the Super Bowl. The church's globe-trotting evangelist minster is in town asking for money for his plane, so the secretary is paying attention. And they all have designs on a hot little country that's not behaving by the rules. GOLD MEDAL WINNER!

Book II, Remember to Recycle, explores a different neighborhood, which the protagonist has crossed some states to get to, after deciding to trust an anonymous message telling her to befriend an obscure artist named Becky. She's hidden her identity, gone off-grid, and wears a mask meant for burn victims. WWIII is looming, as a proxy war is prodding Russia's borders. The Rescuers are lauded in a popular movie and on the nightly news as being unarmed neutral humanitarian aid group pulling children out of the rubble in that Balkanized country. It's nearing Halloween, and the most popular costumes are some of the Rescuer heroes who bring children toys. Becky and a homeless man, Dave, who lives nearby under a bridge both dig deep to donate to humanitarian group. To make more money, Dave's got an ingenious plan. It will change everything.

The series is nearly entirely recognizable as existing in our own current society, yet it riffs off our world by playing with a bit of Alternate History: things veered off in the 1980's, as detailed in the prequel. That last book takes place during the time when, in actuality, Human Growth Hormone taken from cadavers, was being given out widely for free to short people. And there is truly a belief that the British were descended from a race of giants in Atlantis, which has been used as an excuse for empiricism. These elements combine with others in Giant Jack, which lead to the rise of a U.S. president with gigantism, who organized the Agents of the Nevermind, the PR branch of intelligence that combines with Britain, and instigates the Occult Revival. Agents use underhanded methods of persuasion to instill the beliefs they need the public to have so they can be rewarded for running proxy wars and coups.

Glossolalia: Psychological Suspense

What if your subconscious determined the fate of nations?




Remember to Recycle

What if the homeless men going through your recycling bin know more about your life than you do? Like who is going to die.


Dune, the husband of the dying star, hypnotizes the performance troupe, which is the secret to their success. He and his wife's understudy feel alchemically intense attraction. Come far away from everything to an echoing castle for some gothic air.


Antidote to propaganda

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