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Download the first chapter of Glossolalia, with images of the characters.

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  • Esoteric Enochian language and chess

  • Bennu the Egyptian flamingo god

  • A moonchild in a secret room

  • ​A sultry sexpot with license to kill

  • ​Missing time and mysterious objects

  • ​A kick-ass female protagonist

  • Startling cryptic messages on social media

  • Anonymous notes around the apartment

  • A skull oracle and mezcal with the worm

Good Times with Glossolalia

What if your subconscious determined the fate of nations - and you couldn't remember why?


In Political Thrillers on Amazon:

Nancy sees a crime of poison in progress at her uncle's pesticide company where she works. (Who else would hire her considering her habit of waking up suddenly from amnesiac fugues?) She follows the truck carrying the XXX poison that's legally deemed too toxic to use or to dump. Her pursuit takes her into a world of secrets she desperately needs answers to - but ordinary logic doesn't cut it.


Categories: Psychological Suspense, Occult Thriller, Political Thriller, Spy Thriller


Available in paperback (16.00) and e-book (2.99) from Amazon.

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Play the amnesiac, occult game of nations with her....
Read the dark spy thriller, Glossolalia

"Tantra Bensko's novel, Glossolalia, is a complex and most compelling read that I have ever laid eyes upon...the book consists of several different genres and combinations that make it a powerfully engaging read. Suspenseful, check. Conspiracy, check. A political thriller, check. Science fiction fantasy double check. Alternate universe double checked. Readers worldwide can find a little of everything within this stunning novel. This tale is full of action and intrigue from page one to the last page. Mind control, murder, and sex. All of these interesting things woven into a surprising story that will blow readers' minds away. I just finished reading this and now, I am looking forward to the next brilliant adventure by the talented writer." -- Urban Book Reviews

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