Remember to Recycle

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It continues the narrative direction of the first book by following the character who has left the Nevermind. After her escape, she followed an anonymous lead to befriend Becky, who lived across the country. She did so, without telling anyone, or having any other contacts, until Becky asks her to spy on her boyfriend, who is into a bizarre form of BDSM which requires her to contort her body into formations she doesn't yet understand. What might they mean?

The masked friend follows that path into our world as we know it -- if we are brave enough to look closely at the true currency that makes our world go around, and keeps people quiet about it.

Becky doesn't like being watched any more than heights. Can the combination of the two be heavenly, in spite of the blood?

Will the proxy war in a Balkanized country lead to WWIII? And what are the neutral, unarmed humanitarian aid group really up to?

What if the homeless men going through your recycling know more about your life than you do? Like who is going to die.

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What if the homeless men going through your recycling know more about your life than you do? Like who is going to die. 
One of the recyclers, Dave, wearing disguises he keeps under a bridge, memorizes the information in people's bins. He, like many others, idolizes the Rescuers, a supposedly neutral, unarmed humanitarian aid group in a Balkanized country, as the possibility of WWIII looms. 
The Nevermind Agents lie on the evening news to garner support for proxy wars. They say the Rescuers are unarmed, neutral, and giving humanitarian aid to a Balkanized country. Their movie about them is a blockbuster. Rescuer costumes are the bit hit for Halloween. 
But it's time to unmask them. And that requires a plan so ingenious, even the planner can't know how it's done. 
Living not far away from Dave's bridge, Becky donates generously to the Rescuers, making her finances even more insecure. She doesn't know what to think when she finds things in her apartment moved slightly. The toothbrush is wet. There's a stain on the ironing board. The cat food is nearly gone. Is it her imagination? Is someone messing with her mind?  
Could it be Stan, breaking in because he loves her? He certainly loves putting her body into mysterious BDSM contortions for their videos. But what's that muffled moan she hears in the background when she calls him on the phone? 
Becky hires her friend to spy on Stan. The woman has gone underground since escaping from the Nevermind; she wears a wig, and a mask meant for burn victims. She has traveled across the country to befriend Becky, taking a chance on an anonymous message recommending she do so, though she doesn't yet know the reason.  
Thrills for thinkers. 

Glossolalia means speaking in tongues, often practiced in Pentacostal snake-handling churches.  Edward Kelley, Elizabethan con artist and scryer for espionage purposes, also practiced glossolalia.

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volume I

The Agents of the Nevermind series

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