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This edgy novel for men and women takes place in present time, taking the reader through the darkest places and into the sunshine that casts its light on the nation's dubious foreign policy carried out by intelligence agencies in collusion with surprising collaborators such as globe-trotting evangelists, drug dealers, money launderers, movie producers, and assassins.

                                                    The Reality Behind the Fiction

In the Agents of the Nevermind series, the world is much like our own except for the way things veered off in the late '80s with the Occult Revival in the age of the giants. The Nevermind became a new organization that took over hypnotic manipulation of the psyche and theatrical propaganda from the CIA in conjunction with the Tavistock Institute and all their fronts and liasons.


Read about how this came about in the prequel, Giant Jack. Stay tuned for the that last book in the series by reading the newsletter.

In spite of the Alternate Reality elements, which are meant to entertainingly reflect our world from a skewed perspective, everything in Glossolalia: Psychological Suspense, could happen. The psychological aberation of a character within it is based on case studies and declassified CIA files to some degree, yet is also playing with the wild and deliciously dark speculation of - what if?

In the books in the series, the people find ways to take back some of their power in the ongoing encounter with The Nevermind.






In fact, there really was a chemical that pesticide plants were not allowed to continue using, and were also not allowed to dump, because it was legally deemed too toxic. Companies had to pay continually to store the chemical.

Superfund sites often simply move toxins to an equally harmful location.


Countries that try to go off the US dollar standard put themselves in danger of retaliation by angering the corporations, organizations, and governments that thrive by keeping the dollar in power.


Waste management companies have been found guilty of money laundering.


Many evangelists proactively influence the vote such as by the Moral Majority procedures and working the Embassies.

There is an ocult underpinning, often mixed with charismatic religion and ritual, to the intelligence world.

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Small Heading

Read about Bennu the Egyptian flamingo god that arises from Osiris

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Tantra Bensko teaches fiction writing with UCLA Extension Writing Program, Writers.com, Writers College, and Tantra Bensko's Online Writing Academy. She welcomes students and editing clients. Feel free to contact her by email about that or anything else, such as with feedback for Glossolalia.

She lives in Berkeley, California, and blogs about social engineering, dances to live music whenever she can, walks pretty much everywhere she goes, and loves the songs of house finches in the neighborhood.

Glossolalia means speaking in tongues, often practiced in Pentacostal snake-handling churches.  Edward Kelley, Elizabethan con artist and scryer for espionage purposes, also practiced glossolalia.

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