A woman working at D-CIDE pest control company who goes into amnesiac fugues. And if she doesn't take the illicit Jolly West pills, she starts getting strange visions.

She sees the crime occur at the pesticide company and is faced with a big decision. She's a fighter.


Nancy's uncle. He took her in when her parents died, when she was a teen. He hired her to work at his pest control company, D-CIDE, keeping her on when no one else would. He gives her psych drugs normally accessible without a prescription only on the street. He still owns the company but gave up managing it to take another job. He bets on NFL games.

A man Nancy talks to on social media for friendly fun. His crytic messages seem to relate to what Nancy is doing at the moment just before she reads them. His relentless praises of the history of psychedelia bother Nancy to no end and he knows it.

Rev. Terry Crank
Angela Ageless

A girl with a toy Dog she confides in and takes to the secret room where she

works, unaware of the consequences. She knows the Enochian language, which was created by the Elizabethens Edward Kelley and John Dee. She attends Reverend Terry Crank's church.

Emily's aunt. This sultry woman in black knows how to show someone a very good time, or a very bad time.

The Pentacostal evangelist travels around the world and comes home periodically to the Church of the Divine Rays. The church has a split congregation, one of which practices the tradition of snake-handling. His deacons intersperse Enochian words among the glossolalia (speaking in tongues.)

Are any of these secret Agents?

And do they know they are?

Young hispanic man who delivers packages. He brings boxes to D-CIDE, the pesticide company regularly and Nancy looks forward to seeing him in the doorway. But how much of her twisted reality life would he be able to put up with if he knew what she was really like?

Geoff Buzner's secretary at D-CIDE, puts on a religious air with the customers. She writes special messages for Nancy in blue. The two of them have had lots of fun with karaoke. She gets around. She has gotten around a long time.

An idealistic NFL football quartback imported from another country where the President is pulling out from under the domination of the US petroleum-based dollar standard. The famous athlete, Rios, openly supports him.

Are you recognizing, resisting, and exposing social engineering by intelligence agencies or are you gullible and spreading their disinfirmation without even knowing it? Hey, if you're read this far, you're good.

Nancy's lively, fun best friend and karate practice partner. Alyssa is knowledgable about conspiracies behind the scenes, such as mind control, money laundering, and the collusion of church and state. She idolizes the independent YouTube journalist, Brandon.

Controversial YouTuber who creates intelligent videos about the machinations behind the scenes such as social engineering, which is the manipulation of mass belief and thus behavior. He keeps his appearance a secret from the public but he's rumored to have gigantism from HGH administered during adolescence during the height of the Occult Revival.




You                                ???



Glossolalia means speaking in tongues, often practiced in Pentacostal snake-handling churches.  Edward Kelley, Elizabethan con artist and scryer for espionage purposes, also practiced glossolalia.

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volume I

The Agents of the Nevermind series

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